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Cappuccino Magazine is a an art and lifestyle magazine created by a global collective of creatives in our 20s. Our mission is simple: we're providing a playground for your artistic expression.

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Introducing Cappuccino Magazine

Dear reader, 

We're a global team from Kenya, Slovenia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, and Australia! We created Cappuccino Magazine out of our mutual love for coffee and our passion for art. We adore what we do! Amongst us, we have published authors, editors, animators, photographers, fashion designers, music producers, and bloggers. Everything we'll be sharing is created completely from scratch.⠀
Our mission is to provide a platform for people who love creating but aren't sure how or where to express it! We also aim to show you how much effort and time goes into creating something that is consumed quickly. To put things into perspective, we've been working on some stuff that's taken us three months which you'll browse through it in a matter of minutes on your Instagram feed in the coming weeks.⠀This is a learning opportunity for us because we're a team with such diverse talents. We want to learn from one another and we want to learn from you, too! We are far from perfect and we're cool with that! We are eager to grow and learn by using what we've got and made it work!⠀
If you've signed up for our mailing list, you'll receive our official introduction through there. Check our story to drop your email if you want to subscribe for behind the scenes updates! ⠀

All our love, 
The Cappuccino Girls⠀


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