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7 Must-Try Coffee shops in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Coffee, coffee, coffee! It's more than just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. When it comes to choosing the perfect spot to have a catch-up with friends or get your morning fix, there’s a lot to take into consideration: the drinks, the food, the atmosphere, ambiance and the décor (I mean, who doesn’t love a good photo op?). The following spots all make the cut in terms of style and drink offerings. If you’re ever in Port Elizabeth and looking to sample the city’s ever-growing coffee scene, these 7 picks are an absolute must and should definitely be added to your post-lockdown visit list.
Jack’s Bagels
I never fully understood the hype surrounding bagels till I tried Jack’s. Their baked goods make the perfect accompaniment to your drink of choice, and they’ve got it all! From coffee, to fresh juices, milkshakes and the humble hot chocolate, it’s all worth a try. I highly recommend their chocolate-chip Bagels (you can thank me later)!
Lola’s Conscious Café
A relatively new addition to the PE restaurant scene, Lola’s offers a fresh new perspective on how we enjoy our food and drinks. With their abundance of plant-based options and stylish bohemian interiors, you’ll be sure to come back for more. They offer tasty eats from local vegan supplier Flourish Deli, and their hempies are an absolute must to grab and share with a friend.  

Stir Coffee
Stir Coffee is the underrated star I wish would get more of the spotlight. If you’re into relatively cheap but fantastic coffee, give this place a visit. Their space is best described as minimalistic, with a touch of boho, and makes for the perfect spot to set up your laptop and get some work done in. If you're a little more adventurous you can give their Rooibos milkshake a try. 

Nestled in Main Road, Walmer, Brioche is a delightful little coffee shop that exudes a homely feeling and look that you'd expect to see inside a Country Living magazine. With their signature fireplace, cushy seating options and eclectic decor, they're the perfect spot to have a coffee break at. The strength of their coffee is unmatched! And best of all, it's only 10 rand a cup if you pop in before 8am. While you're having a sip, make sure to try out their mosbolletjies (a much-loved South African pastry), they're to die for, and no, you won't just have one! 
Holiday Coffee
If you’re a self-proclaimed coffee snob looking for an expertly brewed cup of coffee, then this is the place for you! You’re also guaranteed to be greeted with a smile and made to feel right at home by the uber-friendly staff. The place definitely lives up to its name and exudes a strong coastal vibe if their bright, colourful beach-y décor is anything to go by. Their iced coffees are my personal fave, perfect for summer days and Saturday hangs.

Bocadillos is the old, ever-reliable fave. Their prices are pocket-friendly, and their expansive menu makes them the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner dates with friends or family. Their freshly baked cakes make the perfect addition to any and every cup of coffee you order there. 
Loop Coffee
As much as I wouldn’t call myself the ultimate coffee expert per se, I’ve definitely done the rounds when it comes to coffee shops around town, and I have to say that Loop Coffee makes the best cappuccinos. This is coming from someone who normally steers clear of ordering them – this place had me doing a total 180. If you’re looking for a place that makes great coffee, great sandwiches, great pizza, and has great live music, then this is the place to be. 

That marks the end of the list! There's a whole world of coffee shops and caffeinated drinks of all kinds to discover. Hope this gives you a reason to visit Port Elizabeth or try to discover new spots in your own hometown. 

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See you in our next post, 

The Cappuccino Girls  


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