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A Sip Down Memory Lane | Guest Post ✰

I come from a coffee loving culture of the Swahili coast.

When I think about food, it has become a way to connect with other people and cultures. For me, it is a mode of communication, a marker for cultures that see food beyond just eating but a whole lot deeper to who they truly are. The meaning of food and the deep connection to cultures tend to change from one group to another. We could be having the same type of food or using the same products, but what's astonishing is that final product - or even the process of making it - is completely different.

The rituals and cultures revolving around a specific food varies from culture to culture, nation to nation and from society to society. If I could pick that one specific food item, it would of course be coffee. Everywhere you go, coffee takes on various forms, norms and names. It is such a phenomenon that every country or continent you go to has a coffee culture connected to it. The differences range from taste to texture and form, as well as the caffeine rush that hits you with each cuppa.

My personal love for coffee began at a very young age; I should say around six or seven when my grandfather would secretly let me have a sip or two of his spiced concentrated black coffee, which we call Kahawa. If there's anyone in my family who is a coffee lover, it would be my grandfather.

In the common global lifestyle routine today, the first thing in most people's day is to have that perfect cup of coffee. That's the same with my grandfather and how he'd pour his 6AM Kahawa into a thermos, all set for the beginning of the day. To this day, every sip I take of Kahawa, I always go back to the time when he let me have my first sip of coffee which sparked my everlasting love for the beverage.

Do you have a nostalgic cup of coffee or can you remember your first coffee drinking experience? Let us know in the comments below!

If you'd like to submit something to our blog, shoot an email to us at or have a look at our Instagram to see what we're up to!

About the author:
Suhaila Sihag is a food photographer and stylist from Mombasa, Kenya.

She aims to inspire, educate and empower youth to make healthier food choices and encourage green living and food conscious global citizens.

When she isn't photographing, styling or writing about food, you can find Suhaila with a pen in hand perfecting her calligraphy skills. To stay updated with Suhaila, you can browse her Instagram.


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A Sip Down Memory Lane | Guest Post ✰
I come from a coffee loving culture of the Swahili coast. When I think about food, it has become a …
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