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Introducing London Based Singer, Saffron | Interview

It's no secret that we Cappuccino Girls absolutely adore seeking out anyone that we think has talent. We love getting to know adolescent creatives from all over the world. We especially love being able to provide a platform where creatives are able to share who they are through their skills, talents and passions. This is exactly how Saffron came to mind. Our fellow Cappuccino Girl, Miah,  had previously met Saffron completely by accident on a trip to South Africa in 2018. The two were on the same flight, but only ran into one another at a stop in Heathrow when it was announced that the flight to South Africa was canceled. British Airways booked the girls in a room together, where Saffron told Miah that she was a singer, and Miah mentioned that she was a writer. 

In a turn of events, we are sat here with Saffron for an interview about her singing, for a magazine that Miah initiated. Although some of the members on the team knew about Saffron before we launched the magazine, we're still in awe at how insanely talented she truly is and just couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch up with her. 

Cappuccino Magazine: Hello Saffron! Could you please tell us who you are and where you're from?
Saffron:  I'm Saffron, a London born singer and song-writer. I've been singing since the age of five and I remember belting out lots of Whitney Houston classics in the bath. According to my parents, I was notorious for never singing the correct lyrics and instead would always sing my own lyrics with the original melody. I don't think that the lyrics were coherent, but that was the start of my love for songwriting. 

Cappuccino Magazine: How did you nurture that passion; are you self-taught or did you attend any classes?
Saffron: I started taking it more seriously at the age of eleven and began vocal classes. I also did a lot of acting which helped me to develop my performance skills and confidence. 

Cappuccino Magazine: When you think you realized that it wasn't just a phase you went through but something that you are actually good at and wanted to continue pursuing?
Saffron: I don't believe I had a specific moment of realization. As a teenager, singing and performing was always a thing. For instance, I was cast in a West End production, I toured around many high schools in the UK (singing my own songs) and even had the opportunity to write a few songs with the Grammy Award winner Jimmy Napes. The flow of music did slow down when I started University but now that I’ve graduated, music and writing have found its way back to me. 


Cappuccino Magazine: Do you also produce music or play any instruments?

Saffron: I get by writing songs with basic chord sequences on the piano and I can have creative input in music production, but I would love to be completely competent at both one day.

Cappuccino Magazine: Have you written original songs before?
Saffron: Yes, I have. I always write and have had a few of my songs aired on the BBC introducing station. In 2018, I wrote the song 'We Are Stars' which can be found on all popular streaming platforms, for example, Spotify and Apple Music - shameless plug.  
Cappuccino Magazine: Where do you find inspiration for your original songs?
Saffron: My own experiences and emotions have influenced a lot of the songs that I’ve written. I also love writing about my observations of the world and things that exist outside of my reality. To me, a song is a melodic way of telling a story and I don't believe it has to always be my story.

Cappuccino Magazine: You've recently started filming on your Youtube channel again. What kind of content can your viewers expect from you?
Saffron: My YouTube channel is another platform to share my voice. Unlike Instagram, my aim is to show more of my personality on YouTube. So expect some vlogs, episodes on the creative process, for example. writing songs and studio time. I also want to share productive and topical conversations with friends, and hopefully, this will develop into sharing ideas with other creatives and 

Cappuccino Magazine: What is your creative process like? 
Saffron: It can be extremely spontaneous. Sometimes it starts with deciding on a topic/emotion that I want to write about. This then merges into a melody. If I have an instrumental in place already, the process is a lot quicker. On some occasions, I will randomly create a chorus in the shower and the next day write two verses.  I don’t use a formula, songwriting just happens when it happens.
Cappuccino Magazine: Have you ever found yourself in a random jam session with other musicians?
Saffron: This doesn’t happen often enough to me but I love it when it does!

Cappuccino Magazine: If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?
Saffron: The industry itself has evolved over the years and the internet has played a big part in this. However, it has become a really tough industry for artists and musicians to generate revenue, which of course is something I would love to change. On the other hand, streaming and social media have also given independent artists like me more accessibility to the world as an audience. Amazingly, this is something only money could buy once before and now it's completely free. 


Cappuccino Magazine: Okay, time for some quick facts: favourite food, colour, location, and what's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?

Saffron: A Nigerian dish called Pounded Yam and Stew, emerald green and anywhere with crystal blue water. As for the most trouble, during school days, phones were not allowed. I thought it was a great idea to cover a friend by saying that her phone was mine. As punishment, I received a full day of detention (not cool). 

If you like, you can stay updated with us via Instagram and our Youtube Channel.

See you in our next post, 

The Cappuccino Girls  


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