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Rona - Bat Woman to Mother Earth's Rescue

2020 - what a time! Coronavirus, or Rona, is an uninvited guest. Metaphorically speaking, in my wild opinion, Rona must be a woman - a vengeful batwoman. Ever since her arrival, a huge number of people have lost their lives globally. This is causing sadness, fear, anxiety, depression, and financial distress. Rona has forced us to stay indoors. Everyone is singing to the rhythm of the lyrics, 'Wash your hands, sanitize, social distance, isolate and quarantine' like a Tootsie Slide song. 

Here in Kenya, we're following directives from our government as we have lockdown that grounds us in our residential counties. Notwithstanding that our countries have been subjected to acute economic austerity due to the pandemic, we can see a small rainbow of hope; Rona came to heal Mother Earth with an environmental detox. Rona is uniting families, reviving compassion with frontline workers as doctors and nurses are being given the spotlight. People, especially youth and entrepreneurs, are becoming more creative and philanthropic. 


The earth is also healing; several reports about earth healing itself have gone viral since the pandemic began. They indicate that there is reduced human activity, a drop in nitrogen dioxide, and carbon oxide levels. Additionally, this has lowered the carbon footprint and detoxed water bodies. Italy's canals have been crystal clear, turtles are hatching aplenty and animals have been spotted on various coastal shorelines around the world. The mountains are also becoming more visible, signifying improved air pollution. Kenyan photographers have also denoted lower levels of pollution by publishing rare, breathtaking pictures of Mt Kenya, all taken from the city of Nairobi. 

However, despite Rona's efforts on the earth's detox, disposable medical masks have been spotted polluting our lands and oceans. These pose a health threat to humans, animals, and the environment. Amid these reports in Kenya, there has been an alert which states that used littered masks are being washed and even resold to unsuspecting Kenyans. To prevent such health alarms and pollution, BOGUK, a sustainable Kenyan brand, has created reusable masks from cotton. The masks have a similar look to medical masks, are creating awareness and offer a more sustainable and affordable approach for those who can't afford N95 or surgical masks. Bogmasks are safe, fashionable, and reusable as they can be washed. 

Rona's sustainability streak continues as there has also been less food waste during Ramadhan. Ramadhan is a holy month where Muslims fast and pray as a spiritual and health detox, as well as an altruistic act of charity. Usually, people congregate in mosques and invite each other to feast together, often resulting in food waste. Due to Rona, a fast food meal has been replaced by small albeit hearty portions of home-cooked meals where mothers and daughters bond while cooking and families bond through prayers. It's safe to say that Rona is slowly raising the societal moral standard of compassion becomes more evident in some of our leaders, friends, families, and organizations. Many organizations have shown such altruistic acts by distributing food to those facing penury. For example, Kibra Food Drive Initiative aims to alleviate hunger during the pandemic. Kibera, the biggest slum in Kenya, has been fed through fundraising, partnerships, and volunteer groups (If you would like to donate, you may do so via PayPal at 

What are your thoughts on the coronavirus; do you think that there are some positives or is it just doom and gloom? Let us know in the comments below. You can stay updated with us via Instagram and our Youtube Channel.

See you in our next post, 

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