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Cappuccino Magazine is a global art and lifestyle collective connecting and inspiring youth to create and explore!

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Reflecting on Plastic Free July: Ways To Make A Difference
What is Plastic Free July? Plastic Free July is a global sustainable movement that helps millions of…

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On Pointe: The Art of Hiplet [Part 1]

A term first coined in 2009, Hiplet is a combination of traditional ballet and modern hip-hop. This unconventional dance style gained popularity after a video was posted on Instagram featuring African-American girls aged 12-16 dancing in CMDC, the only dance studio in the world where dancers a…

The Aftermath of the Australian Bushfire Crisis: The Good News You Need To Hear

Last summer, Australia experienced one of the most destructive fire seasons in the history of the country. Photos of firefighters trying to save what was left were captured in hauntingly beautiful photographs, and videos of citizens saving local wildlife went viral. Media reports have stated that n…

Screentime: The 20 Things We're Currently Watching

Whether you’re a film junkie, Youtube-lover or documentary enthusiast, there’s lots to choose from when it comes to what will keep you glued to your screen. Visual content has the power to transport you to a different world, provide you with much-needed entertainment or educate you on things you ot…

Introducing London Based Singer, Saffron | Interview

It's no secret that we Cappuccino Girls absolutely adore seeking out anyone that we think has talent. We love getting to know adolescent creatives from all over the world. We especially love being able to provide a platform where creatives are able to share who they are through their skills, ta…

Rona - Bat Woman to Mother Earth's Rescue

2020 - what a time! Coronavirus, or Rona, is an uninvited guest. Metaphorically speaking, in my wild opinion, Rona must be a woman - a vengeful batwoman. Ever since her arrival, a huge number of people have lost their lives globally. This is causing sadness, fear, anxiety, depression, and financial…

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4 Women In Business You Need To Support This Holiday Season
Today, we want to introduce 4 female entrepreneurs under 30 because while larger companies are def…
Introducing Cappuccino Magazine
Dear reader,  We're a global team from Kenya, Slovenia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, …
Look Up - Ignore The Noise
Do you hear that? The constant noise of life. Even at midnight, noise exists all around us. I can&#…
Global Bedroom Series | The Coffee Club
These past couple of weeks we’ve been aiming to interact more with our readers as well as get to kn…