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The Aftermath of the Australian Bushfire Crisis: The Good News You Need To Hear

Last summer, Australia experienced one of the most destructive fire seasons in the history of the country. Photos of firefighters trying to save what was left were captured in hauntingly beautiful photographs, and videos of citizens saving local wildlife went viral. Media reports have stated that nearly 6,000 buildings have been destroyed, and millions of animals have sadly been killed as a result of the fires.  While news outlets have shed light on the sadness of this reality, there are some positive things that have happened since the bushfires were contained. Here are four of our favourite headlines:

1. More Than 220 Sheep Saved From Australian Bushfires After Heroic Pup Herds Them To Safety
Patsy is a 6 year old terrier-shepard dog who helped to save more than 220 sheep during the disastrous bushfires. The internet sensation and her owner, Stephen Hill, first saw fires approaching Hill's sister's house early in the morning. The duo drove towards the sheep where Patsy rounded the herd and lead them to safety in a nearby barn. Here's the full article.

2. An All-Female Indigenous Fire Crew Protects Sacred Land
Charmaine Sellings is just one of the remarkable women who are helping to protect indigenous communities and land. Sellings leads the Country Fire Authority Brigade, a female team who keep a close eye on a patch of sacred land. Due to the severe drought, Sellings states that even "one crack of lightning on a stormy day could be disastrous." The women in Sellings' team are a spark of hope for residents in their area, which is a self-governing Aboriginal community. The fire brigade is much more than just a brigade and protecting the community from danger - it's also about preserving their history.
Full article here.

3. Giant Lizard Raises Money for Bushfire Relief by Painting Massive Artworks With His Claws

Literally only a headline you'd see in Australia (or Florida). Winston is the name of this giant Argentinian tegu lizard, who is apparently quite the painter. Winston paints with his claws and paws,which are first dipped into paint. He then he wiggles about and plays around while hitting a blank canvas. Winston's owner, Sarah Curry, adopted Winston as a pet after he was neglected by his former owners. Curry has taken care of Winston ever since, and puts his artwork up for sale, with prints ranging between $15 - $30. Read more about Winston here.

4. Mittens Are Knit For Burnt Koalas
Possibly one of the cutest headlines, despite it being terribly sad. One of Australia's most well known animals, the koala, has been in grave danger due to the impact of the bushfires. Many of them are being treated at animal hospitals and mittens were knit with love from not only Australians, but people in other countries, too! Here's the link to read about the cutest marsupials, as well as the global team effort to help ease their pain.

Let us know what you thought about today's round-up article! Be sure to stay updated with us via Youtube, Instagram and Spotify. See you in our next post!


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