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The Importance of Our Oceans and 5 Ways You Can Help Sustain It

The vital aspect of Earth's existence is the ocean. Every breath you take and drop of water you consume is connected to the ocean and we need to start acknowledging that we belong to something bigger than ourselves. Regardless of how far away you live from oceans, they do affect your life. Becoming aware of the importance of ocean around the world and how to protect them is the start of bettering the future of planet Earth.

Many people fail to realize that the largest life source in nature is the ocean. The ocean is the largest ecosystem on earth, and is therefore the largest life supporter. A sixth of the world's human population relies on the ocean as it's main source of protein. The ocean alone produces more than half of the oxygen, which is more than all of the rainforests combined. There is no doubt that's the oceans are the vitality of our planet. Despite their overwhelming importance, the ocean has finally reached its tipping point; corals are rapidly dying and the water is getting warmer. Since 1950, plankton has decreased by 40%. Plankton is to water as plants are to land; they draw down surface carbon dioxide, support all of our fisheries and produce oxygen. Every day, the ocean absorbs over 30 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which drastically increases the sea's acidity. This process is called acidification, which inhibits shell growth in marine animals. It is a cause of many reproductive disorders in a fish.

Here are some ways which you can help:
  • Use fewer plastic products - plastic can become debris in the ocean and this pollutes water. Many marine animals think it's food so they often eat it.
  • Help take care of the beach - with summer approaching, it's important to use reef-safe sunscreen and clean up after yourself. Responsible ocean travel is also a good idea.
  • Purchase products that exploit marine life - avoid exploiting marine life and refrain from buying coral accessories, shark products and tortoiseshell jewellery.
  • Don't go into aquariums - Animal lives also deserve to be respected and no lives deserve to be locked in a cage, or tank, for human enjoyment.
  • Educate yourself on marine life - The more you learn about the earth, the more inclined you are to help. Watch documentaries such as Planet Earth, read articles and newspaper articles on what's currently happening.

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