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Look Up - Ignore The Noise

Do you hear that? The constant noise of life. Even at midnight, noise exists all around us. I can't escape it; you can't escape it. We can't escape it. My keyboard clunks away as I type this. There’s the sound of late-night drivers who keep on driving, the constant hum of electronics, the fire in my living room that crackles and pops.  The wind causes the leaves in the trees to dance and my windows to shudder and shake, showing their age.

Noise consumes us - whether we like it or not. Sometimes we get to choose the kind of noise we listen to and sometimes we don't. We can blast music through our headphones to drown out the fast-paced world around us or we can sit in the middle of nowhere to become one with nature. We can turn the T.V. up to try and overpower our thoughts; we can do whatever we want, yet we can't escape the sound.

Noise distracts us. 

Noise entertains us. 

Noise scares us. 

Noise overpowers us. 

Noise protects us. 

Noise comforts us. 

Noise is always with us.

Noise consumes us - whether we like it or not.

However, something changes and something happens, when we choose to accept noise - in all its forms - and the chaos that it brings. We find silence and suddenly, everything is calm. There's some sense of tranquillity to the noise of life. And so, I close my eyes, accepting my defeat. Noise consumes us - whether we like it or not. Something I've noticed, in order to ignore the noise, is that I need to look up. 

Yes, look up. Even as the stars twinkle, there is noise. When the sky is blue and as the clouds loom, there is noise. There’s something about looking up that is peaceful, it brings the quiet within the storm. Noise consumes us - whether we like it or not. 

Look up and ignore the noise.  Look up and you’ll see that there is nothing but sky. It is always there, a constant, like noise. Treasure this moment and share your secrets,  for the sky won't judge. When you look up, you can watch the clouds and admire the stars. Let your worries float away. Let the noise inside simmer. Take it all in and smile. Without the sky - the clouds, the stars - we wouldn't be. Look up at the sky in all its glory. Life is a chaotic mess of noise. Call it what you want, but that's how I see it. Admiring something as vast as the sky allows us to acknowledge the little things we often overlook.

Sit down, lie down or stay standing. Just be present. It's only you and the sky. Let it inspire you. Let it heal you. Listen to the noise of the sky and notice how everything else fades away. The noise of the sky is different. It's ever-changing. Ignoring the world comes easy, you don't have to force it. Everything makes sense, trust me -  I'm always looking up and I think you should too.

When we look up, we can press pause. We can forget about our fast-paced world full of busy people and overwhelming noise. We can breathe.  It's something so pure, because the sky just lets us be us. We don't have to worry and even when the world stops, it’s but only for a moment. 

And sometimes, a moment is all we need.


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