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Reflecting on Plastic Free July: Ways To Make A Difference
What is Plastic Free July? Plastic Free July is a global sustainable movement that helps millions of…

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The Quarantea: Emily's Tinder Adventures Part 2

Hi sweet readers!I’m back with more quaran-TEA! How is my life? Is it currently 8:30am on a Monday? And do I have a… guest showering while I write this? Perhaps. Updates:•Guy 1: The one who sent the unworthy dick pics? Well, need I say more? That was it, obviously we didn’t move on from there.•Guy …

Summer Spots in Slovenia

When we think of summer, we usually think of having some time off, possibly somewhere near the sea or in nature - wherever we feel most peaceful and relaxed. We think of time off school or work, some moments for ourselves and time to spend with those we love. We think of calmness and about being ab…

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The 101 on Cannabis Activism | Guest Post by CannaLoneSun
Hey, coffee lovers! I am @cannalonesun and today, I am going to share information that has led me t…
The 3 Most Gezellig Places For A Coffee Stop In Tilburg Central
The Dutch are known for many things; delicious cheese, mesmerizing canals, wooden clogs, vibrant tul…
On Pointe: The Art of Hiplet [Part 1]
A term first coined in 2009, Hiplet is a combination of traditional ballet and modern hip-hop. Th…
Screentime: The 20 Things We're Currently Watching
Whether you’re a film junkie, Youtube-lover or documentary enthusiast, there’s lots to choose from …