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Reflecting on Plastic Free July: Ways To Make A Difference
What is Plastic Free July? Plastic Free July is a global sustainable movement that helps millions of…

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Reflecting on Plastic Free July: Ways To Make A Difference



What is Plastic Free July?

 Plastic Free July is a global sustainable movement that helps millions of people to be part of a solution to plastic pollution. It takes a look at how to reduce plastic consumption and sheds light on the importance of sustainability and creating alternatives for disposable solutions. 

But why plastic?

Plastic takes years to decompose, pollutes our oceans and causes health hazards to animals, humans and the environment altogether. Roughly 8 million metric tons of plastic are disposed of in the ocean annually, destroying habitats as well as suffocating, trapping and killing ocean wildlife. Plastic production also takes up a lot of resources  A significant amount of water is used to produce plastic bottles, which is twice the amount of water contained in the actual bottle - imagine conserving all of this water instead. In a nutshell, we all have a right to clean water, air and to live in a world free of plastic pollution This is why we need to embark on the plastic free journey albeit small changes. Lets reflect on Plastic Free July with sustainable tips from the Cappuccino team. 


"I know we here at Cappuccino love coffee, but I'm also a big lover of tea. Recently I found out that tea bags contain plastic. Companies now add microplastic fibers into tea bags to help them stay sealed and keep their shape while brewing. It varies between manufacturers but in most of the leading brands, a tea bag consists of up to 25% plastic. To combat that, I'm slowly switching to loose leaf tea that I can store in jars and brew in a tea cage. It's a slow process because I don't want to waste my current stockpile of tea. I feel much better when I don't have to worry about what nanoparticles I'm gulping down with my tea or sending out into the world. It helps that I get to feel like a fancy tea lady whenever I scoop out my Earl Grey." - Ezra


"Since quarantine started, I've really missed going out for my usual 'be fun' tea blend at my favourite cafe in Morelia, Mexico. However, I've been sipping on my own blends while at home (brewing hibiscus laves is a big one) and enjoying a more plastic free tea experience. It's a nice habit and I'm so glad I've incorporated it into my life." - Natalia


"Reusable straws and tote bags have officially become a part of my daily life. Using reusable straws is a great and easy ways to reduce your plastic consumption. They're flexible to carry and easy to clean. I try to remind myself to take these two reusable straws with me whenever I go out for a coffee shop or restaurant date. They're also from two brands that I absolutely love, Faithful To Nature and Straws For A Cause."

"Tote bags are a convenient but also stylish sustainable fashion accessory to have. I got this Cotton On bag as a gift from a good friend of mine for my brithday. It has been the perfect companion on trips to the beach or weekend road trips. Reusable bags are the perfect replacement for plastic bags whenever you're out shopping as well." - Christina



"A few tips and things I do is use a reusable coffee cup which I still try to use now. However, due to the pandemic, most coffee shops here in South Africa will not let you use them. Therefore, I get coffee from places that use recyclable coffee cups instead and opt out of taking the plastic lid that's attached. At home we reuse plastic food containers for leftover food. I would definitely not consider myself a very sustainable person but I am working on it." - Emily


"Going plastic free is a personal journey that I have dedicated myself to because of the adverse effects plastic is causing to our planet.  It began with swapping single use plastic bottles with cute reusable water bottles, refusing to buy plastic packaged products to now having a collection of plastic free items. I am currently loving my tote bag which I was gifted by a friend. I carry it everywhere when shopping, especially to the beach. Plus, the message on it must be preached."



"My cute coffee mug from Carrefour Nairobi comes in handy too. At work, I have to carry my glass container for food, a thermos cup for hot tea, coffee or water and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. Shopping at eco-friendly shops and brands has greatly contributed to my plastic free overhaul. It is not an easy journey, though. Sometimes I forget to carry my reusable straw or find it inconvenient to carry my reusable water bottle or glass container when I am going for fashion events in case they serve food and drinks in plastic cups or containers. Regardless, I find ways to say no to single-use plastic, even if it means using a serviette for  snack or requesting a reusable plate or glass to be served with." - Habiba

Did you try to participate in Plastic Free July? What was it like? Let us know in the comments and be sure to keep up with us on Instagram!

All our love, 

The Cappuccino team


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