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Reflecting on Plastic Free July: Ways To Make A Difference
What is Plastic Free July? Plastic Free July is a global sustainable movement that helps millions of…

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Post-pandemic Style Dilemma

I think it has now been three weekends of watching all my mutuals on Instagram step out into the great outdoors and party, after being couped up inside for six months. I, personally, have teetered from the fear of missing out to the fear of being within, but at the very centre of it all is one loom…

Eco Friendly Places To Visit In Kenya

Summer is almost synonymous to vacation time. The Coronavirus pandemic, however, has made it difficult for people to enjoy the weather in the same way that they used to during every other holiday. In Kenya, August is the best time for vacations because most schools and educational institutions are …

The 3 Most Gezellig Places For A Coffee Stop In Tilburg Central

The Dutch are known for many things; delicious cheese,mesmerizing canals, wooden clogs, vibrant tulip fields,their height, the legalization of cannabis, their directness….however, what many people may not knowis that the Dutch are also some of the world’s biggest  coffee drinkers as the average Dut…

Twenty Ways To Reconnect With Yourself by Tamika Arnold

Due to the unexpected events of coronavirus, a lot of us have lost a connection with ourselves while working from home, being unable to do usual activities or see friends and family, or with worsening mental health. On top of that, this pandemic has caused a permanent change in society, causing som…

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4 Women In Business You Need To Support This Holiday Season
Today, we want to introduce 4 female entrepreneurs under 30 because while larger companies are def…
Introducing Cappuccino Magazine
Dear reader,  We're a global team from Kenya, Slovenia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, …
Look Up - Ignore The Noise
Do you hear that? The constant noise of life. Even at midnight, noise exists all around us. I can&#…
Global Bedroom Series | The Coffee Club
These past couple of weeks we’ve been aiming to interact more with our readers as well as get to kn…