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The 3 Most Gezellig Places For A Coffee Stop In Tilburg Central

The Dutch are known for many things; delicious cheese,

mesmerizing canals, wooden clogs, vibrant tulip fields,

their height, the legalization of cannabis, their

 directness….however, what many people may not know

is that the Dutch are also some of the world’s biggest

  coffee drinkers as the average Dutch person drinks up to

four cups a day. Coffee in the Netherlands is much

stronger than the South African blends I am used to and

the most common type of coffee in the Netherlands,

called ‘koffie vekeerd’, is basically just a regular degular

café au lait. As someone who has explored most places

in the Netherlands, I never thought I’d end up in the

province of Noord Brabant. Here, I stay in Tilburg, the

sixth largest city of the Netherlands. No, it’s not

anywhere close to Amsterdam but if you ask me again

I’ll lie and say it is because no one seems to realize that

the Netherlands has more than one city.


During my little adventures in the city, I set out to

explore which coffee shops I liked best. That’s another

thing one has to be careful with - here in the

Netherlands, coffee shops and cafés have very different

meanings. ‘Café’ generally means a place to eat at, while

enjoying tea or coffee. ‘Coffee shop’ here indicates that

the building is an establishment which sells various soft

drugs, such as weed or shrooms and other edibles.

Maybe we’ll write an article about that in the future, but

for now, here are my three go-to cafés located in the

heart of Tilburg centrum.


Lunchcafé Nieuwland

If you’re a beach baby like me, Lunchcafe Nieuwland

will almost have you feeling nostalgic for summer. I

enjoy how at home I feel as the space itself is open, yet

intimate. It has an earthy colour scheme consisting of

browns, greys and greens with glass and wooden

accents. The plants also make the cafe feel more

welcoming, as does the handwritten menu of the day

hanging from the wall. While I’m a huge coffee drinker,

my favourite beverage here is a fresh mint tea. The menu

offers a variety of desserts, from delectable scones to

hearty apple pies, making it a perfect place for a high

tea. For my fellow vegetarians, the menu has delicious

options to choose from and you can always ask to have

an item removed in order to make the dish vegetarian. I

also enjoy visiting as the staff are super friendly and

often easily switch to English if you’re struggling with

completing a sentence in Dutch. Hands down one of the

best places to visit in the center.


Lunchcafe Nieuwland

Bagels and Beans

A bit more of a well- known option as you’re likely to

find this franchise in other cities. The interior of Bagels

and Beans is the cutest and if you’re into the

cottagecore/fairycore aesthetic, this cafe is straight up

your alley. Think maple wood flooring, mismatched 

colourful plates and saucers, hanging plants and fresh 

oranges in a basket - it’s like attending an indoor picnic. 

The decor and aesthetic of Bagels and Beans is lovely, 

even the menu has artsy illustrations. The staff are also 

very friendly, welcoming and regularly check up on you 

- horrible if you’re eating and can’t reply or if you’re an 

introvert like me and feel forced to make conversation, 

but great if you’re someone who doesn’t have crippling 

social anxiety.


As for the actual food, my go to is the goat cheese on 

sesame bagel, with a drizzle of honey and some 

walnuts. They also have some vegan options in the 

delicious range of salads and bagels. The sweet iced 

coffee is a go to for me, but their freshly squeezed juices 

are a close second. If you prefer fish, try the wild 

salmon bagel and if you have a sweet tooth, the pecan 

nut pie is a must try.

Bagels and Beans


The Fat Greek

This is my favourite spot in the city center to hang out at 

with my friends. There’s somewhat of a retro vibe going 

on, with neon letters on the walls, warm toned furniture 

and an array of delicious milkshakes that could give 

Pop’s a run for its money. Equipped with a foosball 

machine and a staircase that leads to De Living (one of 

Tilburg’s hidden gems), The Fat Greek is a place that 

should definitely be on your bucket list if you visit. For 

vegetarians like me, there are a ton of sinfully tasty 

options even though it’s also a meat lovers paradise. 

Dishes like the cheese fries, gyros and the different 

types of pitas are quite popular. If you’re a sweet tooth, 

you’ll enjoy the monster cookies or the traditional 

Greek bougatsa, a breakfast pastry filled with custard. 

Coffee lovers, don’t even think about leaving if you 

haven’t tried a traditional Greek frappé.



Do you have any cozy coffee shops or cafe's you'd
recommend in your city? Let us know in the comments

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