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4 Women In Business You Need To Support This Holiday Season



Today, we want to introduce 4 female entrepreneurs under 30 because
while larger companies are definitely being impacted, at Cappuccino we believe it is the smaller businesses that we should be paying attention to. The dreamers and the doers, the thinkers, the entrepreneurs - the ones who spend hours fixing a design so that it is just right, the ones who stay up late to ship orders, who get up early to update their websites and who spend ages thinking of ways to grow and to connect with their audience. The pandemic has allowed for many of us to rethink what money means to us,  it has taught us to redefine creativity and explore new ways to connect with one another. 


It's no secret that the global economy is taking a massive hit right now, COVID-19 has been a learning experience in more ways than one. That's why we want to focus on small(er) businesses as they are so important for helping local economies, supporting neighborhoods and providing opportunities for entrepreneurs. In addition, they're a creative outlet, a fun learning experience and a way to grow in so many different areas. Here are the 5 women who have been inspiring us lately:

Emma from Emma Bartley Designs


Emma is a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Manchester, United Kingdom who owns EB Designs, a marbled handpainted glassware company. 



She enjoys experimenting with paint on various surfaces; whether that's creating prints, marbling on wine glasses or even creating pot plants. Emma has an eye for colour combinations and often does pop-ups at places in her area.

Ellison from Moxy Collective



Ellison is a 25-year-old botanical artist from the United States. She currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her cat Maisy where she creates pressed botanical art. 



Her business, Moxy Collective, showcases a variety of designs where she presses, frames and preserves flowers. Moxy Collective creates hair clips, coasters and framed wall art.


Loïs from Zaya Jewellery


Loïs is 25-years-old and the owner of Zaya Jewellery. Zaya creates handmade, nickel-free and carbon neutral jewellery with free worldwide shipping.   



Zaya offers a variety of items; bracelets, earrings, necklaces and most recently, rings! Loïs describes Zaya as a brand that creates "high quality day-to-day pieces with a luxurious touch" and we absolutely agree!


Lauren from The Wandering Jones 


Lauren 'Lorry' Jones is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who loves to create. She owns The Wandering Jones, a business where she specializes in woodburning and mandala art. 


Lorry creates housewares such as coasters and engraved cutlery sets, as well as wall prints. She has also recently started experimenting with pressed flowers!

Are you supporting any small business owners this holiday season? Let us know which ones you love so that we can spread the word!

All our love and here's to a safe holiday,

The Cappuccino Team


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