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Global Bedroom Series | The Coffee Club


These past couple of weeks we’ve been aiming to interact more with our readers as well as get to know you. The support for our first issue was beautiful, from readers sharing their favourite articles, Instagram posts to even joining us at our launch party, it’s clear that this is much more than a magazine or blog, but a community. Most recently, we’ve had a little peek into some of your bedrooms for a segment called The Global Bedroom Series. Here, we contacted some individuals who read our mag and asked if they felt comfortable showing us the inside of their bedrooms. From pink accents and wooden floors to plants in every corner of the room, it was wonderful to see how diverse interiors and personalities truly are.

We received three submissions from North America, two from Australia, three from Europe and two from Africa. This is what they have to say about their safe spaces. 

The United States


Nadia's Bedroom

Person: Nadia

Location: New Jersey

“My room is my quiet, happy place! As an introvert, it’s very nice to have a space to myself to get away from the noise of my house and be able to relax or focus. It’s such a place of peace and comfort for me.” 

Marissa's Bedroom


Person: Marissa

Location: Louisiana

“I've lived in and out of dorm rooms for the past 6 years, and, at this point, I'm done with it!! I'm not one for white wall, minimalism, nor am I for material heavy maximalism: I aim for a happy in between. I value warmth, organized clutter, bright colors, and lighting with an ambiance. I've learned to carefully curate the items and people that enter my space. The room I'm showing is a recent revamp of my childhood bedroom, a culmination of something old, something new, something yellow, and something I'm used to.”


Alexandrina's bedroom

Person: Alexandrina

Location: Barossa Valley

“My bedroom is for me. It’s mine and I have almost everything I need in it (apart from food, etc.). It’s a space where I can create and put action to my dreams. I hang my art up on my wall with postcards and memories. I study at my desk (which is out of view from the photo) to help create my dream career. My personal space feels like home. I dance in it, I cry in it, I scroll through my phone in it, I pursue passions in it, I live in it. While it’s small and not the most perfect space, it’s mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Olivia's bedroom

Person: Olivia

Location: Australia

“My space reflects part of my truest form. It mirrors my passions and loves in life. I love to have art and pictures on my walls, and my books, journals and magazine within reach, always. My small room in this large world remind me of everything I love in this life.”

South Africa

Gemma's Bedroom

Person: Gemma

Location: Glencairn

“My bedroom is ultimately a safe space for me. I’m incredibly privileged to have a beautiful, spacious room that I’ve been able to make my own through decorating it with special items that I’ve collected over time.From having massive posters of Justin Bieber covering my walls back when I was in primary school, to now enjoying a more simplistic look, this room has changed and grown with me as I have changed and grown. I’ve never moved house, so it’s weird to imagine that one day I’ll be in a different space, but I’ll always feel grateful to have had a special place while growing up that was just for me.” 


Michelle's Bedroom


Person: Michelle

Location: Noordhoek, South Africa

“There’s nothing better than crawling into my creative space after a long day, which usually entails reading or studying on my bed surrounded by big pillows!  (Or painting and doodling on my bedroom floor.)”


Lily's Bedroom

Person: Lily

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

“My room represents my aesthetic (or a mix of some of the aesthetics I absolutely love) and means so much to me because I have always wanted to have a girly princess bedroom that truly represents me and my style and now I have! I wanted a place where I would feel safe and at peace, and would never get tired of. This is my personal place where I can imagine and daydream for hours without count, the place where all of my creations are created and imagined.”



Tana's Bedroom

Person: Tana

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

“My bedroom is my peaceful place, away from the noise that goes on in the rest of the house.” 

If you’d like to have your bedroom featured on our Instagram story, be sure to send it to us via email or upload it to your own story with the hashtag #☕club for us to repost!

See you in our next post,

The Cappuccino Team


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