Why Is Sustainable Fashion Usually Neutral In Colour? The Dark Truth Behind Colourful Trends [AD]

Tuesday, April 11, 2023


 Why Is Sustainable Fashion Usually Neutral In Colour?


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High fashion, classy, expensive, put-together. Call it what you want, but it’s no secret that minimalist clothing pieces can contribute to a more luxurious look. We’ve heard it all before: ‘less is more’, you can show cleavage but not legs, no necklaces and scarves, no ruffles and sequins - that, apparently, is too distracting.

Minimalism seems to be the golden standard when it comes to conscious fashion. With the rise of TikTok and Pinterest, these internet micro aesthetics have emerged. Terms like ‘Clean Girl’ (slightly problematic if you trace back where the look originated and who is getting credit for it now) or ‘Vanilla Aesthetic’ (read: our 2012 Tumblr basic white girl aesthetic rephrased), there is an underlying emphasis on subtle glamour, regardless of how effortless the look appears to be. 

Photo via @colorfulstandard on Instagram

While neutrals are timeless and practical - easy styling, especially in our busy lives - it can also limit expression. This is why Cappuccino is interested in the recent trend towards maximalism - specifically with colour. We’ve seen TikTok creators style their homes in new, dramatic ways, revamp their closets through upcycled clothes or thrifted finds, and create editorial looks from things they have already owned. Colour has been revitalised in the maximalist spotlight and as usual, previous decades are our inspiration for future styles. But this makes us wonder: why is sustainable fashion so neutral? We think there are two main reasons.


Ultimately, the goal of sustainable fashion is to always find ways to rewear and restyle your pieces so that less waste goes into landfill. Neutrals are most suited to be great for this as they are more adaptable when styling, which is why they’re a capsule wardrobe staple - it’s almost certain neutrals will look good with any other item in your closet.



Photo via @colorfulstandard on Instagram


Textile Dyes

To have colour we must have dye, and dyeing is one of the most polluting aspects of the fashion industry. Not only does the waste product contribute to water pollution, the process also causes health hazards to workers and impacts drinking resources. Sustainable brands are all about being eco-friendly and as such, it can be difficult to achieve richly coloured garments at the environmentally conscious standards they adhere to.




Colourful Standard create fun, sustainable and colourful pieces. They are a sustainable brand that’s environmentally friendly and ethically produced in Portugal. Having visited their flagship store in Copenhagen, Denmark, we’ve learned a lot about eco certifications and the eco-friendly dyes they utilise that don’t harm us or the planet, making pieces like these an excellent and vibrant option for everyone involved. If you're curious about trying out eco-conscious and planet friendly dyed clothing, use code 'earthtomiahcs10' for 10% off on their website.

We'd love to hear your opinion - have you ever thought how colour (or its absence) impacts your perception of sustainability or minimalism?


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Written by Miah

Edited by Ezra 

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