Don't Skip The Clip | An Interview With Tegen Accessories

Monday, May 1, 2023

When you’re putting together an eco-conscious outfit, you’re probably thinking about where you got your top, bottoms, shoes – maybe even your bag. But what about your hair? For over ten years, Tegen Accessories has been curating collections of hair accessories to complement any outfit, from timeless handmade French accessories to their vibrant new ‘Summer Brights’. Cappuccino recently chatted with founder Tegen about this latest collection and how sustainability leads the way for her brand. 

Could you tell us about yourself and what you do at Tegen Accessories?

My name is Tegen, I’m the founder of Tegen Accessories. I started Tegen Accessories when I was 25, and over ten years later I am still loving it. I oversee the running of the business, and liaise with our French manufacturers on designing new accessories.


Gorgeous eco-conscious hair accessories


How would you describe Tegen Accessories in 3 words?

High-quality, environmentally-conscious, fashion-forward. 

What is the ‘Summer Brights’ collection all about? 

They are on-trend colours for Spring/Summer 2023. I was inspired by London and New York Fashion Weeks, and picked out some key Pantone colours for the season. I chose colours that pop together but also make a statement on their own. It is a fun, bright, and cheerful collection, which is perfect for dopamine dressing. 

Jurassic Hair Claw Clip

How were the colours, names, and claw type decided for the collection?

For some of the colours, we used the Pantone names, such as ‘Tangello’ and ‘Classic Green’. Some of them we brainstormed in the office and came up with. For example, our ‘Lipstick Pink’ was originally called ‘Beetroot Purple’. The names are quite tongue-in-cheek and fun, just like the colours. The claws themselves are our ‘Jurassic Claws’. These are some of our bestselling claws. The shape is fun and unexpected, while being very functional. They are stylish and unlike traditional shaped claws, which I think is the reason they are so popular.


Jurassic Claw Clips from the Summer Brights collection, available in various sizes and colours


What does sustainability mean for Tegen Accessories?

Sustainability is at the heart of Tegen Accessories. We carefully consider everything from where we source our materials, to the end use and longevity of the accessories. We really care about everything that goes into making our accessories. We are committed to protecting the environment and being socially and ethically responsible.

Could you tell us a bit about the manufacturing process? What does it mean to manufacture with eco-resin and biodegradable materials?

The ‘Summer Brights’ claws are made of little beads of cellulose acetate, which are melted down. This material is derived from wood pulp and cotton, making it more sustainable than plastic alternatives. It is a very durable material, and long lasting. It is more difficult to make accessories out of this material than plastic, as it is a very detailed process. For example, the cellulose acetate needs to be a precise temperature before moulding, so it takes very skilled manufacturers to make these claws. They are made in a family run factory in France, which has been making accessories since 1892! This means that they are some of the best manufacturers in the world.


The clips work for braids, updos and various hair textures



How does Tegen Accessories practice sustainability in packaging and shipping?

We don’t use plastic in our packaging. In fact, all our packaging is recyclable, and a lot of it is made from recycled materials. When our French accessories are sent to us, they come in plastic bags that are made from recycled plastic bottles, and we then reuse these bags for storage. We are keen to reduce, reuse, and recycle in every step of our process!

Which item from Tegen Accessories can you not live without?

It’s hard to choose as we have so many beautiful accessories! My all time favourite has to be our beautiful ‘Dress Comb’, I always keep one in my handbag. However, recently I’ve been wearing so much of the ‘Summer Brights’ collection, and love matching the claws to my outfits.


Dress Combs


What is your favourite memory from Tegen Accessories?

I have so many! Last year, we won an award for our marketing campaign, and we were nominated in five other categories including best customer service. The whole team came along to the awards event and we had an amazing evening. It was so great to be recognised for all of our hard work.


Tegen Accessories plans to continue innovating the art of hairstyling with eco-friendly materials. You can keep up with them on Instagram and Facebook. Meanwhile, the Cappuccino team might have to start learning the best updo’s to try some out. Share your favourite hair accessories and styling tips with us in the comments below, or post a photo of it on Instagram and tag us and use the with #club so we can see!