Local Thread: Empowering South Africans to Shop Slow and Support Local Gems

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Local Thread is a beloved South African platform which emphasizes importance of supporting local and shopping slow. Previously a website where you could shop from various local brands across the country, Local Thread is now focusing solely on sharing new and undiscovered local gems. We had a quick chat with Olivia, commonly known as Liv, to chat about her business, how it practices sustainability and what advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Sage and Sunday Ubud Wrap Skirt in 'Rooibos'

What’s your favourite memory when creating Local Thread?

Wow, there are so many, and it was such a whirlwind! However, my favourite memory was probably the creation of the design for Local Thread. I worked with a local designer and incredible artist called Annie Loxton. Her whole process was incredible, and she encapsulated every single feeling I wanted to get when looking at Local Thread’s branding, colours and website. She hit every single nail on the head and it was such a fun, easy and interesting process and the outcome, well, go have a look!


How would you describe Local Thread's style in three words?

Fun, approachable, joyful


Out of all of the items you've featured or sold, which is your favourite?

This changes so much because we have new suppliers coming onto our site each week!! But at this moment I would have to say the Aperitivo Coasters - they are SO stunning!! 


What’s your most popular item?

Definitely our Grettie Swim bikinis - they’re affordable and beautiful - what more could you want?!

Grettie Swim


What’s an underrated item?

I would definitely say our Sōji Skincare line. Sebastine - the owner, has 20 years experience in the beauty industry and knows exactly what’s happening - all products are cruelty free and contain eco-conscious ingredients. I was lucky enough to receive a gift of products from Sebastine and let me tell you - I use them EVERY day! The serum is my absolute favourite which I apply every evening - it smells like heaven, and honestly, my skin feels like silk the next morning.


If you could give advice to someone starting a business, what would you tell them?

Wow, this is a tricky one! Honestly - it’s totally normal to feel like you are not ready and I would say my biggest piece of advice is to just take the leap! Have fun and go with the flow! Secondly, try to keep as organized as possible - by this, I mean record things that you probably wouldn’t think to record - i.e. who you are getting your domain name from, where you host your website, how much stock did you purchase when you initially bought your products, your schedule for social media posts - the list goes on! You may not need every piece of information - but if you do need it, its all in one place!


The Clementine Dress


How does Local Thread practice sustainability?

We are a local only business - everything from the website design, to the website development to our products, is local. The focus when starting Local Thread was all about uplifting the South African economy - and from my time studying business and finance - small businesses are extremely important for a country’s development, they provide employment, money flow and reduces a country’s need for imports. Hopefully we can all work together to uplift our beautiful country! (And maybe, as a long shot, this will somehow have a very indirect impact on stopping Loadshedding, we need power please, haha!)


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